Meet the cast of Rosie Molloy Gives Up Everything – RadioTimes

The Rosie Molloy cast also includes Pauline McLynn and Ardal O’Hanlon as longtime married couple Win and Conall, but fans of British comedy will know them better as Mrs Doyle and Father Dougal on Channel 4’s iconic Father Ted.”It makes sense to cast us together because we have this familiarity and we can be prickly with each other,” said O’Hanlon of working with McLynn again.”We know each other that well, going way back, so we have this shorthand. We can take the p**s out of each other, so I thi…….

Words you don’t really want to hear – Bangkok Post

It’s that time of the year when publishers of major dictionaries bombard us with what they regard as the “words of the year”. They rarely agree on the same offering, but there is one common theme — nearly all words selected are frankly rather depressing.PostScript has already reported on the Collins word of the year, “permacrisis” defined as “an extended period of instability and insecurity”. Now that sounds like fun.
This week the online dictionary Merriam-Webster named “g…….

At McLain, Willie Ponder’s team built on resiliency and a desire to be different – Tulsa World

Barry Lewis and Dean Ruhl select state title winners in classes 6A through 2A. Dean and Barry pick their favorites, the contenders, the sleepers and who should be on upset watch as playoffs begin Friday.
Willie Ponder was warned it would be a dead-end job.After serving as a wide receivers coach at Colorado Mesa University for two years, Ponder was surveying for head coaching gigs. Eventually, he learned there was an opportunity to return to his hometown of Tu…….

Jon Stewart Says US’ ‘Toxic Hit-It-and-Quit-It Reputation’ After Afghanistan Created a ‘Messy’ International Problem (Video) – Yahoo Entertainment

Jon Stewart took a swing and hit the U.S. right where it hurts – in its reputation. On Friday night’s “The Problem With Jon Stewart,” the host examined one of America’s bad habits – when it needs help from allies, it makes promises. But when those allies ask for help, it breaks those same promises.Case in point: The U.S. failed to provide a safe haven for many of its Afghan allies following its military withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. “America has a bit of a toxic internationa…….

How Important Is Willpower to Breaking Your Bad Habits? – UVA Today

“Here’s the problem,” Irving said. “If you’re someone who really likes Facebook, and you’re deleting it because you’re tempted by it, that’s hard, right? It takes an extraordinary amount of willpower to delete Facebook.”

This idea that diachronic regulation might also rely on willpower led Irving and his co-authors to develop experiments that allowed them to explore how people think about self-control. As an experimental philosopher, Irving uses the …….

Laziness: How to Stop Being Lazy — and What Causes It – Everyday Health

First, it’s important to point out that pretty much all the research on what people call “laziness” focuses on procrastination.

Again, this is because laziness is a lay expression, not a formal term, and it’s also a matter of subjective opinion. One person’s idea of “lazy” may be another’s idea of a hard day’s work. If you meant to do something and didn’t, you may call that laziness, but a psychologist would label it procrastination.

And psychologists have stud…….

The Great Possibilities Of The Grace Of Jesus – Leadership News

TEXT: MARK 10:26-27; 1 TIMOTHY 1:14-15, Mark 10:26-27

The grace is full tonight, and available tonight, the fullness of the grace of God that will overlook all your sins, that will forgive all your sins that will give you salvation, the joy of salvation, that will give you give you the great possibility, all available tonight. All your life, whatever problem may come your way, the grace to say I’m still here, and His treasure is still full of Grace.

Titus 2:11. Some people so…….

Operation Southern Slowdown aims to curb speed-related crashes in Tennessee – Action News 5

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – This month is a popular time for summer travel and the Tennessee Highway Safety Office is warning you to slow down or get pulled over.

Moving forward, more officers will be watching for people speeding along interstates and state highways.

Over the past two years, law enforcement agencies in the southeast, and across the nation, have seen an uptick of drivers going 100 mil…….